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Hadramout Airways is National Carrier of Yemen to meet the growing need for faster means of transportation of the Yemeni population to commute domestically and travel to regional destinations.

The ever growing needs of transportation were effectively met by Hadramout Airways by providing safe, secure and affordable means of Air transportation.

Hadramout Airways successfully operates charter flights, cargo, airports ground services , airport fuelling services and catering for world renowned clientele such as Oil Companies, International banks, Yemen government and various regional governments and private charters.

By providing viable air transportation, Hadramout Airways will largely
contributed to the economic development of Republic of Yemen by
stimulating business development in the remotest parts of Yemen.

Hadramout Airways strictly follows highest Quality& training standards as prescribed by aviation industry .Hadramout Airways is subjected to stringent internal Quality Audit program and the external audit conducted by Yemen Civil Aviation .Hadramout Airways provides seamless customer support and ensure that its passengers enjoy the highest satisfaction during their travel with Hadramout Airways .





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